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Intermingling of Spirits

Posted on February 27, 2023

We always talk about the healing side of Reiki, but never the spiritual side. Even when I wrote my Reiki handbook, Reiki Vibrations with 33 Guided Meditations & Affirmations, I was told by a fellow Reiki Master Teacher to leave out the spiritual events that occurred when I first learned Reiki. She believed it would scare people away, especially since my handbook was designed for novices or those who want a Reiki refresher. I agreed with her and took them out. Now, I see that more people are embracing the spiritual realm, including Reiki healers. As such, I want to take this opportunity to discuss some of the occurrences I experienced so that you, as a healer or a client, will not be frightened if something otherworldly occurs with you and you will know how to react.

The first experience occurred a few days after I became a Reiki Practitioner Level II. I was performing Self-Reiki while in meditation when the enclosed room suddenly became freezing cold. There was a slight breeze surrounding me and a presence in the room with me. My heart slowly filled with a love so strong that I began to cry. It was such an intense feeling that know that I will never feel that emotion without the presence of those spiritual entities. The feeling overwhelmed my very being and I was left with the knowledge that this was a special view into how the God of my heart feels about me and everyone else on this planet. This experience changed my perspective about my fellow human beings and how my actions and reactions may contribute to their behavior. I was completely connected to source. I decided from that moment on to accept everyone for where they were in life while still being true to my own moral code and spiritual beliefs.

There were and still are spiritual experiences with my Reiki clients and students. During my Reiki sessions, I have Angelic and ancestral entities assisting me in the healing process for clients. I never ask clients in advance what issue is desired to be resolved or physical ailments that need healing. It is my way of keeping things pure and also showing that my gifts are real and the healing is true. One day, I was giving a Reiki treatment to an associate of mine. While sending Reiki to her legs I heard a voice in my head say, “be careful of the knees.” The phrase kept repeating and would not stop. I instinctively knew I had to tell her. I did not paraphrase or give my personal opinion; I simply told her exactly what was heard. She then informed me that she had begun a new exercise routine and had injured that particular knee. She wanted to keep doing the routine, but each time the knee would give out on her. She was wondering if she should alter her routine or push through the pain. I repeated what was told to me with the intent that she was the one to choose a new routine to something less physically damaging. In the end, she decided to take a break from her workout. The same situation occurred with another client. In his case, the phrase was, “tend to your elbow.” He had injured himself while performing yard work and was subsequently in the process of deciding what to do about the pain. Again, after the spiritual message, he decided to take a break from performing yard work until his elbow completely healed. A third client had an issue with her hips. The phrase the voice told me for her was simply, “her hips, her hips.” In this case, the client did not want to discuss the issue, but did confirm she was in treatment. These spiritual messages during a Reiki session may become normal for those healers with certain spiritual gifts, whether your gift is clairaudience, clairvoyance, or both. The main thing is to listen, repeat the exact phrase, and let the client interpret the meaning. If you are wondering how to know the difference between your inner voice and the outside spiritual one, there is a strong emotional pull to the words, and a slight tonal and verbiage difference than your own. The phrases given to me were not in my cadence or voice. They were also delivered in a firm and commanding manner on repeat until I spoke the words aloud.

You are probably thinking, this does not sound scary at all. It is beneficial. Well, these were the introductions. As your Reiki ability increases, so does your spiritual connection and gifts. The next level I experienced were the negative spiritual attachments on people. I will not go into too much detail with these because I do not want to give those entities of chaos power of any kind or too much recognition. I will inform you that there are entities that wish you harm, that feed off negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and that want to live again by taking over your spirit and flesh. If you have special gifts, then you will experience more negativity than others due to the desire to feed, take your gift and/or warp it.

I had a client who walked in the room with a malevolent entity surrounding him. This person knew of the attachment and occasionally used its presence to make himself appear stronger and more intimidating with certain people. With another client, there was a spirit of desire attached that kept her wanting more of everything. She could not stop obsessing about material things and emotional needs. A third client came to me after turning their life around from practicing a darker type of spirituality. This person understood as a newly minted Reiki healer that they were in between light and dark and needed help moving completely in light by someone who understood both. The healing for something like this is not a one-time thing. You will have to treat each one uniquely. There are specific steps of healing that will need to be done and this is where your spiritual assistants and Reiki intermingle.

If you have a client that believes attaching themselves to an entity of chaos will bring them power or their heart’s desire or make them safe, then you must convince them otherwise and properly detach all the entities living with that person. If you are a Reiki healer who does not and will not delve into this particular type of spiritual healing, then do not keep that client. Give that client a referral to someone who is an expert in this arena. Additionally, there are so many different types of attachments, most self-inflicted and minor. But, when there is a spiritual attachment that alters the personality and physical appearance of a person, a holistic approach that involves alternative and western therapy, is best. Therefore, the best thing to do is to also recommend a psychologist or psychiatrist.

I could write more about my experiences that involve orbs and entities floating around and inside my home and the manner in which they communicated with me whenever I performed Reiki and/or meditated. However, I believe that I have given sufficient explanation and offered advice as to how spiritual entities can intermingle with Reiki and how you as a healer can adjust to the situation, if needed. I do not want to deter anyone from becoming a Reiki healer or desiring to use Reiki in these healing sessions. I have met many ex-healers who told me they stopped practicing Reiki because of a spiritual experience that scared them. They were unprepared for what could happen as one progress and if you are doing things appropriately, you will progress. Again, if you choose not to work in this area, the secret to not having these spiritual events in your life is to spiritually request that you do not and fully mean it. It is that easy. Your Reiki healing will be just that, Reiki healing. Yet, if you are like me and were born with certain spiritual gifts that presented all throughout your life, then you may not have a choice. You may experience some spiritual situations with clients or alone. If so, keep a level head and be confident that your Reiki and your spiritual healing team will guide you in the most positive and productive manner. Also, never hesitate to reach out to someone more qualified if some situations become too overwhelming and personal advice and/or assistance is needed.

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